Guipure Lace Pansy Dress

The wild pansy was carefully selected by Lee as the emblem for this collection. Also known as "Heart's Ease" and in Russia as "Anna's Eyes", it was the perfect fit for a collection about the longing for love lost and awaiting it's return. Crafted from a specially produced guipure cotton lace, this dress with 3-dimensional embroidered pansies has romantic scalloped edges with a clean and flattering silhouette. Each pansy is hand-embroidered to create a realtic flower from cotton threads, sequin, crystal stones and seed beads. Smaller flowers nestled in across the whole dress have been embellished with a single crystal stone in the centre of each, catching the light with a subtle sparkle. The dress is pictured here with a silk georgette slip dress underneath.
  • Outer: 100% Cotton, Sequin, Crystal
  • Separate Slip Dress: 100% Silk

For custom bespoke options please contact us or call Client Services on +44 (0) 2086179110

This item is entirely handmade in England and will take approximately 6-8 weeks (excluding delivery) to produce.
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