Hypnos’s Shadow

Inviting, alluring and mysterious. The night garden is a place of transformation where hues so vibrant during the day have become muddy. Vivid accents turn to shades of grey, some patterns disappear entirely. While other plants, scentless by day, wait until nightfall to release their perfume into the air alongside blooms that have developed a ghostly luminosity.

This collection stems from a dark palette but is executed with a romantic and feminine edge. Reminiscent of Steichen's famed portrait of Gloria Swanson, fine corded lace sits on top of wool tailoring like a wispy shadow. Some heavier pieces are adorned with deep rust-coloured embroideries created in the glow thrown out by a nearby fire pit. The subtle sparkle of cut glass beads, crystal stones and wet-look sequins create a moonlight-catching dewy effect. Navy and black ostrich fringe waves in slow motion like delicate grasses in a breeze.

When cloaked and clutching a hot toddy you can truly appreciate the peace a garden creates by night, a moonlit philosopher’s retreat.