The Guest

Hollywood has given us countless iconic moments that have lasted generations. For “The Guest (who never checked out)”, Lee was inspired by the stories behind the camera rather than the classic style we’ve seen on-screen. Phyllis Gordon walking her pet Cheetah, Tippi Hedren at home with Neil the lion, Faye Dunnaway poolside the morning after the Oscars.

Having met a few of Hollywood’s oldest players he savoured the tales of hotel living and the shenanigans that would ensue being cooped up alongside fellow stars off set.

The 1920’s and 50’s have always been the most inspirational decades to the house and these are arguably two of the most significant when it comes to Hollywood style. This collection offers a retro colour palette of contrasts: turquoise swimming pools nestled into luscious dark greenery, sky blue and flamingo pink. Warm tones of champagne, old “Oscar” gold and ermine off-whites.

The textures feel inspired by the hotel room in which she inhabits, taking inspiration from upholstery velvet and silk. Glamorous trims from fringe to ostrich feather and plush mohair. Embroideries evoke the spirit of the time - beading that mimics exotic animal skins and crystal stones that sparkle like a paparazzi camera flash.

The actress wearing this collection is all dressed up even when she has nowhere to go. Always ready for her close-up.