The Guest

I once met Louise Rainer who told me the story of her Oscars win, when I asked where she keeps her Oscar she told me she used it as a kitchen door stop because it’s so heavy. I loved that attitude.

Another old friend of mine was a Hollywood starlet in the very early days of movies, Mildred Shay. The gossip columnists used to love writing about her and she told me many wild stories about what people got up to behind the scenes. She once went to a costume party at the Hearst mansion dressed as candy floss. I always loved the stories about living in hotels and the shenanigans that would ensue.

The bungalows at Chateau Marmont, and of course the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Phyllis Gordon walking her pet Cheetah. Tippi Hedren at home with her pet lion who would swim in the pool with a young Melanie Griffith. Faye Dunnaway the night after the Oscars.

Textures inspired by the room in which she inhabits, taking inspiration from the upholstery - velvets and silks. Rabbit fur trims painted to look like ocelot. Bugle bead embroideries to mimic leopard skins.

All dressed up with nowhere to go. She’s always ready for her close-up.

Colours: pastel pinks, sky blues and sage greens, warm champagne tones, pops of deeper swimming pool shades of blue-green and turquoise



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