Beyond Tomorrow

  • As all our garments are made to order we can claim honestly to have virtually zero wastage.
  • 100% of our garment construction takes place in the UK Our carbon footprint is incredibly small as we keep the quantity of our suppliers to a minimum. This not only reduces our environmental impact but allows us to work closer with suppliers. We can develop ideas with them and we know the origins of our fabrics and components.
  • Bespoke clothing has always been an investment, but besides it’s obvious beauty, couture must always be well made and built to last. Lee Paton believes that in today’s world - just as it was a Century ago - bespoke made clothing should not be disposable. It is an investment to hand down to future generations. A client also always has the option of having a piece recut in future at the house or modified with a design update.
  • With clients being located around the world our collections are generally seasonless. We occasionally revisit past collections adding to them with refreshed offerings, giving life and longevity to collections that the fashion industry would ordinarily consider “old” and relegating to an archive.