Since being founded over a decade ago, the house has produced garments exclusively in the UK and as all couture pieces are made-to-order we can confidently state that our wastage from each item is virtually zero. The investment in purchasing bespoke and couture was once focused on the garment’s lifespan and forward-thinking design. Today, more than ever while these selling points of course still ring true, the luxury is also knowing the investment contributes to keeping ancient artisanal skills alive and precisely how the production process impacts the environment in which the garment is developed. It is even more rewarding knowing that nature can benefit as a result of your garment being made.

With clients being located around the world our collections are generally seasonless and many designs are exclusive to our individual clients needs so collections do not need to be vast and overly produced. We occasionally revisit past collections, reimagining pieces to create refreshed offerings, giving life and longevity to collections that the fashion industry would ordinarily consider “past season”. Clients have always had the option of having a garment recut in the future or modified with a design update. This is particularly popular with bridal pieces where a gown has been repurposed into a more wearable item.



Our pieces are never mass produced. We have a small skilled team of artisans who work closely together, often sharing their expertise throughout the company. Some of the most specialist craftsmen we work with operate remotely from their own spaces reducing the need for unnecessary travel. This includes for example our weavers in the Scottish Highlands, cordwainers in Nottingham and hand-knitters elsewhere in the Lake District.

The quantity of suppliers we work with is kept to a bare minimum. This not only reduces our environmental impact and carbon footprint when shipping materials but allows us to work closer with our suppliers. Being able to develop new ideas with them is beneficial but the true luxury is knowing the origins of our fabrics and components right down to the threads.